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Friday, September 4, 2009

Thanks Rocco!!!

Put on a show at a local park to show the new chassis's and such. Passed out both TGN and GHDD stickers and had a drawing for one of the Haug chassis's. Had a good turn out but the camera wasn't with me...some how it's been slimmed with ice cream...

Thanks to Rocco for helping me feed everyone!

Thanks to everyone that showed up and helped - I think it was a blast! ...And yeah, I guess to some...GoNads is a funny word...Thanks to Mark and TGN for being our dealer!!!!

I do plan to meet up with some folks again and I'll bring the traxxas trucks too so there's more toys for everyone to enjoy. That reminds me...Can't forget to mention RacersEdgeMachine for their hard work and support - their Traxxas upgrades are second to none!!

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Rider down...

Just learned today and a locl GHDD team driver took it upon him self to ride his bike 45mph...into the door of a car. He says that yeah, doing that sort of thing does dent doors but it's not worth finding out...

It could have been worse. Just a broken tail bone and compressed, keep his recovery in at least one prayer before bedtime...or lunch...when ever...dig? Thanks.

Get Better Soon Tyler!!!

Thursday, August 20, 2009


Look for the RC Crawler chassis named the Marauder from GHDD at your LHS or drop TeamGoNads a note or visit their site: if you want one. These are based on the Axial tranny and an RC4WD version will be out soon, along with plates and rods.

Pick a color

I'm looking to reissue this in a different color and get these pressed. I personally really like the blue & white look but if you've got a different idea, email me. Click the photo to see it in a larger format.

Tuesday, August 18, 2009


just another thing I'm trying to get Eddie to check out. It's about a block away from his house, HINT. might need a skull instead of the airbrush gal and it's not much for hauling anything more then a dog and a picnic basket...or some skateboards and a youngster but heck yeah!!

Angela Ryan Gets a Stick

If you're a drummer or not, Angela's getting on PinupStix is something to babble more thing from Texas worth recognizing...out of say...10 so far? LOL
If you're not aware of her, you can find her at myspace.angelaryan

Friday, August 7, 2009

time off

it's been a few plus a couple more weeks but the whole family has been together and we've been busy. From my pulling washing machines in santa cruz...being smashed by a big wave and getting mixed up with the rocks at the bottom sucks! camping, skeeter bites, dog snacks and a new chassis, skating, family above all, i've been too busy to keep up on the facebook and blog. oops.

Not much is new except that I think the gals are here to stay, the new chassis is awesome, and found that the Napa Home depot has some really good ledges to skate. That plus cooking great food, laughing and being together - our summers been awesomely fun and chill. Now it's almost over so back to work as they say. I'll get some things up about the chassis and the decks later.

Again, way to go Taylor of Corpus Christi by way of the Rockies...You Did It!!!

Off Road Concepts - creates winner on skates

My friends son Taylor won first for best attitude at Corpus Cristi skatepark! It's his first season on a deck and now he's won a grip from the local shop. Way to Go!!! Taylor!
When I first met Eddie, his son was just starting to talk about skating. All they knew was how to destroy a traxxas in the skate park and watch...but now, Taylors takin' to rippin' with the big guys now! Maybe the next Salba? Keep it up Brah!

Saturday, June 6, 2009

Bodiless TVP Chassis for RC Rock Crawler

Accepting Orders NOW for the Axial bolt on GroundHaug RC Rock Crawler Bodiless TVP Chassis

Fine Tune Your RC Crawler Shock Placement
Get Limitless Articulation Without Contacting the Chassis
USRCCA 2009 Comp Legal Design
Sleek Forward Moving Realistic Chassis Design has a few left!

Direct bolt on to the Axial AX10 RC Rock Crawler
Best for 4" or stock Axial drooped crawler and Traxxas shocks.
Includes 81 mm braces and mounting hardware (does not include top body panels)

The GroundHaug crawler chassis offers a lower center of gravity with a design that places the links in just the right place. Why would you need so many holes if you know what works? Compared to the other bodiless tvp crawler chassis's on the market, this chassis offers an innovative design that brings the shocks inboard with out compromising articulation and lessening torque twist. With a few simple steps and some Axial link changes you'll get a perfect 12.5 wheel base too! So, if you want a swiss cheese, that's fine, but if you want to win and look good doing it, get a Groundhaug.

Wholesale and Dealers Inquires Welcome.

Thank You and look forward to the best performing bodiless TVP chassis for the AXIAL Scorpion

Tuesday, June 2, 2009