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Thursday, February 26, 2009

Been Up and Out...

I've been busy with some projects and my day job and going through a lot with the gals right now.

I'm working on a Max Grundy Deck of limited runs until it seems worth while, and will post that one later tomorrow.

Have the RC products flowin' to some shops, minus the masks but still, the bodies are 30's coupes and are showing to work great for the RC Rock Crawlers. Also, took part of my day job talent and have started construction fake boulders for the crawlers to play on. Seems like a hit, I mean how many people get real looking boulders designed custom to their needs and can still lift 'em? LOL.

Wanna say thanks to Lynn for all the help and such. 8-) Tim Too!!! We've got two retailers lined up!! Let's go!

Well other then that, things are gettin' messy with the gals. so keep them in your prayers. sorry to get off topic but they're a huge part of my life and it feels like faith's getting a little bit of a hill for me to climb. We'll be back together again soon though, nothing lasts forever right...

Anyway, If you've got a skateshop near by, and wanna help, drop me a line please,

Some new pics: