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Friday, September 4, 2009

Thanks Rocco!!!

Put on a show at a local park to show the new chassis's and such. Passed out both TGN and GHDD stickers and had a drawing for one of the Haug chassis's. Had a good turn out but the camera wasn't with me...some how it's been slimmed with ice cream...

Thanks to Rocco for helping me feed everyone!

Thanks to everyone that showed up and helped - I think it was a blast! ...And yeah, I guess to some...GoNads is a funny word...Thanks to Mark and TGN for being our dealer!!!!

I do plan to meet up with some folks again and I'll bring the traxxas trucks too so there's more toys for everyone to enjoy. That reminds me...Can't forget to mention RacersEdgeMachine for their hard work and support - their Traxxas upgrades are second to none!!

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Rider down...

Just learned today and a locl GHDD team driver took it upon him self to ride his bike 45mph...into the door of a car. He says that yeah, doing that sort of thing does dent doors but it's not worth finding out...

It could have been worse. Just a broken tail bone and compressed, keep his recovery in at least one prayer before bedtime...or lunch...when ever...dig? Thanks.

Get Better Soon Tyler!!!

Thursday, August 20, 2009


Look for the RC Crawler chassis named the Marauder from GHDD at your LHS or drop TeamGoNads a note or visit their site: if you want one. These are based on the Axial tranny and an RC4WD version will be out soon, along with plates and rods.

Pick a color

I'm looking to reissue this in a different color and get these pressed. I personally really like the blue & white look but if you've got a different idea, email me. Click the photo to see it in a larger format.

Tuesday, August 18, 2009


just another thing I'm trying to get Eddie to check out. It's about a block away from his house, HINT. might need a skull instead of the airbrush gal and it's not much for hauling anything more then a dog and a picnic basket...or some skateboards and a youngster but heck yeah!!

Angela Ryan Gets a Stick

If you're a drummer or not, Angela's getting on PinupStix is something to babble more thing from Texas worth recognizing...out of say...10 so far? LOL
If you're not aware of her, you can find her at myspace.angelaryan

Friday, August 7, 2009

time off

it's been a few plus a couple more weeks but the whole family has been together and we've been busy. From my pulling washing machines in santa cruz...being smashed by a big wave and getting mixed up with the rocks at the bottom sucks! camping, skeeter bites, dog snacks and a new chassis, skating, family above all, i've been too busy to keep up on the facebook and blog. oops.

Not much is new except that I think the gals are here to stay, the new chassis is awesome, and found that the Napa Home depot has some really good ledges to skate. That plus cooking great food, laughing and being together - our summers been awesomely fun and chill. Now it's almost over so back to work as they say. I'll get some things up about the chassis and the decks later.

Again, way to go Taylor of Corpus Christi by way of the Rockies...You Did It!!!

Off Road Concepts - creates winner on skates

My friends son Taylor won first for best attitude at Corpus Cristi skatepark! It's his first season on a deck and now he's won a grip from the local shop. Way to Go!!! Taylor!
When I first met Eddie, his son was just starting to talk about skating. All they knew was how to destroy a traxxas in the skate park and watch...but now, Taylors takin' to rippin' with the big guys now! Maybe the next Salba? Keep it up Brah!

Saturday, June 6, 2009

Bodiless TVP Chassis for RC Rock Crawler

Accepting Orders NOW for the Axial bolt on GroundHaug RC Rock Crawler Bodiless TVP Chassis

Fine Tune Your RC Crawler Shock Placement
Get Limitless Articulation Without Contacting the Chassis
USRCCA 2009 Comp Legal Design
Sleek Forward Moving Realistic Chassis Design has a few left!

Direct bolt on to the Axial AX10 RC Rock Crawler
Best for 4" or stock Axial drooped crawler and Traxxas shocks.
Includes 81 mm braces and mounting hardware (does not include top body panels)

The GroundHaug crawler chassis offers a lower center of gravity with a design that places the links in just the right place. Why would you need so many holes if you know what works? Compared to the other bodiless tvp crawler chassis's on the market, this chassis offers an innovative design that brings the shocks inboard with out compromising articulation and lessening torque twist. With a few simple steps and some Axial link changes you'll get a perfect 12.5 wheel base too! So, if you want a swiss cheese, that's fine, but if you want to win and look good doing it, get a Groundhaug.

Wholesale and Dealers Inquires Welcome.

Thank You and look forward to the best performing bodiless TVP chassis for the AXIAL Scorpion

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Monday, June 1, 2009

Stickers are Here!!!

For those that have been asking, I've a few here that I can get you! I have our logo sticker with a "racersedgemachine" tag for the chassis and some sweet ones for the skateboards.

Saturday, May 30, 2009

New Dealer for West Coast | Team GoNads

They should have my chassis in stock this week so if you're a store and sell rc rock crawlers, then get in touch with them!

GroundHaug Bodiless TVP Chassis for Axial's AX10!!!

"...KC lights, tractor tires...everything but the Cb...a life sized hotwheels car for..." Converting the Axial AX10 to a bodiless tvp rock crawler...rc rock crawler chassis
These can be ordered in Blue, Red or Black - email me if interested
Ground Haug Axial Chassis
Ground Haug Axial Chassis

Order the REM-GH1 RC Rock Crawler Chassis Here! $60.00 Plus $10.00 USPS Priority Shipping with Delivery Confirmation (we'll email you the number)

Order 2 of the REM-GH1 RC Rock Crawlers for $100.00 Plus $10.00 USPS Priority Shipping with Delivery Confirmation (we'll email you the number)

This kit is ready for shipping. We had some issues getting the rods made but now the kit is ready to buy and convert the stock Axial AX10 rock crawler to a bodiless tvp chassis. You'll need to make your own plates from lexan but soon, I have those ready too along with a custom 1.5 lower rod that will replace the stock Axial on and bring the lowers inboard and closer. Instructions will be online as I don't like paper waste and until I make my own links, you'll need 4 - 7x65mm rods from the uppers and you'll need to replace the stock bent rears with 106mm straights to get a perfect 12.5" wheel base. You'll also need one 6x6mm spacer for the rear if you're using the 3-link system. This chassis was designed for 4" shocks so either droop your stock axials with internal springs from The Crawler Store or get the sprung from Losi or such.

spacer at rear

new delrin tranny plate

Friday, May 29, 2009

Got Anodizing!

New !! Awesome colors for now are blue, red and black. REM dipped some standoffs and chassis for the Traxxas Stampede and don't they look sharp! Hats off to Gary and Rich for moving on this idea. 100% U.S.A. Made

Thursday, May 28, 2009

From Max Grundy

From Max Grundy:
Hey Fearists,

I want to let you know about a few new things that just came out. We
have a poster of the Bottrop Germany show event taking place next
week, a new shirt design, and a hot rod video featuring my artwork
and an interview. Not to mention, it 's full of great traditional hot
rods and customs filmed by John Wells. All are now available on the

Hope you like the stuff!


Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

training wheels

my family and I went to the park with 8 of our family friends and their kids. about 40 of us and what with all our kids, my son finally rode a bike with out training wheels on. a bit behind others of his age but heck, he drops in and skates like no yeah, today, no falls, pedal power all the way and I stoked!!! didn't get a pic of that so here is in his glory after wards!

Saturday, May 23, 2009

today's comp. video at HCC - Concord

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Hobby Town Crawler Series

This one sucked! I entered with a broken drive shaft and know it could snap at any moment, I babied the truck. failed the wire bridge which i haven't done in months. Normally I get on, full throttle up and out but this time, maybe cuz i didn't eat my cream of wheat for breakfast, i got hung so I bailed it, and went up the hill. no sweat. easy course really but knowing my rig could break, i went a little gingerly and bombed.

I started losing hope when I got to the two spires. I tried to get the progress point in reverse but after a couple tries, drove off, entered the course again and with some baby steps to try and not snap the drive shaft, nailed it. then flipped again. my issue was I didn't want to use wheel "english" to get through, and finally snapped it just at the last gate. I'm still in 3rd for the series but this run just sucked. Never go to a comp with a broken truck. lesson learned. here's the vid.

Ground Haug Chassis

Friday, May 15, 2009

RC Stampede and Crawler Lexan Bodies

If you have been watching, you know that RC rock crawling is gain momentum as an exciting alternative to the fast paced stadium/monster trucks. With Axial providing such a great platform to start with, rock crawling courses are popping up, customers are creating custom ways of getting the right articulation and ground clearance and having a blast doing it.

The Ground Haug bodiless tvp chassis bolts right onto the axial rig and with some changes to the link arms, your customers can crawl in style with fine tune shock placement, a perfect comp legal 12.5 wheel base, and with our introductory offer you can save money by buying directly from the OEM; Racer's Edge Machine which has been making upgrade parts for Traxxas since '04.

I spent enough time in school to know how geometry works. Since this chassis is designed for 4" sprung shocks or droop, I have made sure the shocks never touch the chassis or the tires on severe articulations unlike other bodiless tvp chassis's on the market. I also created a way to hold the shocks inboard and free from the chassis while giving great side hill abilities to the crawler.

Ground Haug Design & Distribution has a simple moto: Get Off That Couch!. With kids sitting around all the time, my kids too, I took my talents to RC crawlers, bodies and skateboards; mixing hot rod style and the rat rod culture with tools that help kids think.

Racers Edge Machine uses the most advanced CNC Machining and Design Technologies to produce Precision RC Parts from Aircraft Quality Aluminum. REM prides themselves on the highest quality standards to insure proper fitment and durability of every part, Guaranteed!. REM manufactures ALL parts in the USA and leads the industry in GREEN Standards. Through REM's Quality, Outstanding Customer Service and Innovative Designs, they strive to be the Leader in the World of Performance R/C.

I hope you visit and read more about the Axial bolt-on upgrade chassis and order.

Monday, May 11, 2009

old news

Series Comp at HT - Concord

This last Saturday I entered a series comp at Hobby Town Concord and had a blast. The chassis handles great. Our team driver and I placed quite well. I drove okay but knowing that my drive shaft was about to snap, I drove too gingerly and racked up some point that I shouldn't have. Scores are like golf so for each reverse, add one point.

Here is a short vid of my allowed entry into the pro course that even though I wasn't happy with some areas that could have been tackled with more patients, I did pretty good.

You can catch the other vids and comments at: and see what others in the "pro" class did on this same course. after seeing they're runs, I think I did pretty good.

Friday, May 1, 2009 update...LOL

Now that I've dusted off the keyboard I figured I should use it.

The Max Grundy deck is coming along nicely. I should have some pics of the three versions that I'll show him up shortly. Been working on some shop decks too and these will all be made at Sacrifice and if I can get a short number of them, get a few more of the pinup decks designed and made up too. Been way to busy with family stuff to get my head cleared to start creating some art.

On that note, I did manage to push out a rc rock crawler chassis for the bodiless tvp class 2.2 and have those being made out east.

[Larger File Image]

This came on as a side project to just get funds rolling in a new market so I'm very pleased with how the design language I used works. The design allows for better controlled articulation, lower stance and ensures that the shocks do not contact the chassis which is what happens on all other chassis's of this class. I shaped it a bit like my old '66 Chrysler 300. These come with all needed rods and screws plus two logo stickers in retail-ready packaging. Anodizing is available for a few bucks more; green, gold, blue, red, and black. I still like the machined metal look myself. Heck, this chassis has so many customizing features with regards to shock placement, the prefect mounting holes for the upper rods and with my custom base plate, your lowers are inboard at a better angle so no more torque twist, lower center of gravity and allows for the tranny to be more forward too, that I took third with no rollovers, and tackling areas where even more experienced drivers had issues. See a short video at

I've taken my day job to the rc market too! Now I'm in the process of developing a shipable boulder set for indoor - outdoor rc rock crawling. HobbyTown Concord's owner was a great help in getting this moving. DarkSoulRacing also helped with some great feedback on my earlier designs. Unlike the hand crafted boulders I make from interior - exterior landscape use, these RCRC Boulders are designed for crawling with a course texture for tires to grab, a puzzle type function so a customer can change the course to allow for different crawling courses. I've also created these to be about 50% lighter and have 3 types with 2-4 shapes each in the works. For going the traditional coloring methods, I'll be working with a coloring process that will be faster to preform. What I like most about these RCRC Boulders is that you'll be able to buy them for about 75.00 each, pricey but worth'll be able to move them, not have to deal with all the little rocks most indoor courses have to use due to boulders this size are too heavy, change the course layout, lift them easily and use them indoors or outdoors.

Well, back to work!

Thursday, February 26, 2009

Been Up and Out...

I've been busy with some projects and my day job and going through a lot with the gals right now.

I'm working on a Max Grundy Deck of limited runs until it seems worth while, and will post that one later tomorrow.

Have the RC products flowin' to some shops, minus the masks but still, the bodies are 30's coupes and are showing to work great for the RC Rock Crawlers. Also, took part of my day job talent and have started construction fake boulders for the crawlers to play on. Seems like a hit, I mean how many people get real looking boulders designed custom to their needs and can still lift 'em? LOL.

Wanna say thanks to Lynn for all the help and such. 8-) Tim Too!!! We've got two retailers lined up!! Let's go!

Well other then that, things are gettin' messy with the gals. so keep them in your prayers. sorry to get off topic but they're a huge part of my life and it feels like faith's getting a little bit of a hill for me to climb. We'll be back together again soon though, nothing lasts forever right...

Anyway, If you've got a skateshop near by, and wanna help, drop me a line please,

Some new pics:

Friday, January 16, 2009

Skate Trip This Weekend!!!

The plan is to hit as many bigger parks, at least with bowls, on the way to Santa Cruz. Leaving today for Berkeley, I'll be staying with some friends to hit their park in the early morning before it gets crowded. After lunch, hitting the park in San Francisco and staying with some buddies there for the night. And of course eating dinner the the irish pub off california. Who doens't like shepard pie?

Heading to San Jose and skating the largest park I've ever seen. It's a pay-to-skate park but worth it! It's huge! Planning to head into Scotts Valley for the night with some friends and ride their park, then on Monday, haugin' some ground in Santa Cruz. Eating some clam chowder on the warf (the best one is a little shack that puts dill in it!!), Yum!

Tuesday will be a sales drive back up hittin' up shops and stops for promoting the pin-up decks. I've got three of our decks wrapped up and order forms ready. Cash on the barrel for decks under 5, but I'm doing net 20 for orders on boards too so if you plan to order when I'm there, remind about this.

Taking Sacrifce skateboards with me too, gotta support those guys!! Great team! Awesome owners! You gotta Sacrifice something every now and then. Sacrifce has the first issue of their 'zine coming out shortly. If you're not on their list to get one, and want a copy, let me know.

If anyone wants to make the trip with me, I've got two seat empty. The only prerequisite is you either bring a camera or buy me dinner. I want good pics for Rene and CD's site. I've got a few extra decks incase yours sucks! LMK

If you want to scout the parks out first before hand visit CD's site. BYO$!!!

Friday, January 9, 2009

A Toast to Victory for Rare Toads

If you like surfing this is good news to you too.

Defenders’ California members and activists had good reason to break out the bubbly this past New Year’s Eve, after an appeal for a proposal to cut a massive six-lane highway through the sensitive San Onofre State Beach was finally shot down in December by the U.S. Department of Commerce.Nearly 50 Defenders members and activists turned out to a California Coastal Commission hearing in February 2008 to voice their concerns over the 16-mile long toll road that would have closed about 60 percent of the park. The San Onofre State Beach, a scenic surf spot just north of San Diego, boasts one of the largest intact coastal sage scrub habitats left in the Golden State. The sage scrub habitat and coastal waters provide a home to many imperiled and endangered species, such as arroyo toads, the Pacific pocket mouse and southern steelhead trout.So here’s a toast to the Defenders members, activists and staff for their tireless efforts to block the San Onofre toll road: Cheers!

Thursday, January 8, 2009

Bamboo and a zoo or two...

I have been designing art decks for some AZA commited zoos recently. These decks show reptiles and amphibians that these zoos currently house. The deck art is designed with three colors and used to help create a branding platform that is cross-marketable to the visitors of these zoos as well any skaters that enjoy herpetoculture. We are using bamboo decks...even though the decks are made i have to say it? ...prc...there I said it. The decks are made over seas but to that the are more green in respects to the materials used and also more affordable for the zoos to buy. I'll add some photos of the deck shortly. I am also working with animals that are ready available in the captive pet trade like leopard geckos, ball pythons and so forth. Check back later and see if your favorite creepy-crawl is posted. Procedes from these decks that we sell directly, about 20.00 USD will be donated to a specific organization with the proper non-profit records on file, for use as they need it. I will be focusing on reptiles from Madagascar, Costa Rica, Tanzania just to name a few. Put a clock in these for your den!!!

We Enteried the Traxxas Stampede Body Contest!

Lynn drew up the images while I created the trucks logo image. The theme for this old 1950's Chevy is clear. Old barnyard landsacpers truck with a modern touch. Scalloped flames over an old rustied paint job. It was a rush project as the whole family was in on it but we all still feel that for an hours work, it turned out just fine!!! Thanks Lynn!
After the brushes and the kids were cleared of any paint, we mounted it.

Then, after the 2" extended Fastlane Machine aluminum chassis and braces came, I mounted them up to the body...with the ill-fated body being drilled, and redrilled. The front two holes are from my attempted at running an antenna through from the reciever underneath. Later I purchased a cheap Ofna antenna holder and mounted it correctly. Bad thing about FLM parts, even worse for hindsight -

Cross over hobbies create new offers from GHDD

GHDD has been working with a partner east of us and now offer custom RC car graphics for masking off your unpainted bodies. From "your logo here" type applications to some of our own artwork. These RC car body paint masks are easier to use then those other kinds for many reasons. One, these come off easier so you can even layer them up for real creative body work. Two, the abilty to create your own designs from your artwork or working with us to create something you have in mind keeps things original.