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Friday, January 9, 2009

A Toast to Victory for Rare Toads

If you like surfing this is good news to you too.

Defenders’ California members and activists had good reason to break out the bubbly this past New Year’s Eve, after an appeal for a proposal to cut a massive six-lane highway through the sensitive San Onofre State Beach was finally shot down in December by the U.S. Department of Commerce.Nearly 50 Defenders members and activists turned out to a California Coastal Commission hearing in February 2008 to voice their concerns over the 16-mile long toll road that would have closed about 60 percent of the park. The San Onofre State Beach, a scenic surf spot just north of San Diego, boasts one of the largest intact coastal sage scrub habitats left in the Golden State. The sage scrub habitat and coastal waters provide a home to many imperiled and endangered species, such as arroyo toads, the Pacific pocket mouse and southern steelhead trout.So here’s a toast to the Defenders members, activists and staff for their tireless efforts to block the San Onofre toll road: Cheers!

Thursday, January 8, 2009

Bamboo and a zoo or two...

I have been designing art decks for some AZA commited zoos recently. These decks show reptiles and amphibians that these zoos currently house. The deck art is designed with three colors and used to help create a branding platform that is cross-marketable to the visitors of these zoos as well any skaters that enjoy herpetoculture. We are using bamboo decks...even though the decks are made i have to say it? ...prc...there I said it. The decks are made over seas but to that the are more green in respects to the materials used and also more affordable for the zoos to buy. I'll add some photos of the deck shortly. I am also working with animals that are ready available in the captive pet trade like leopard geckos, ball pythons and so forth. Check back later and see if your favorite creepy-crawl is posted. Procedes from these decks that we sell directly, about 20.00 USD will be donated to a specific organization with the proper non-profit records on file, for use as they need it. I will be focusing on reptiles from Madagascar, Costa Rica, Tanzania just to name a few. Put a clock in these for your den!!!

We Enteried the Traxxas Stampede Body Contest!

Lynn drew up the images while I created the trucks logo image. The theme for this old 1950's Chevy is clear. Old barnyard landsacpers truck with a modern touch. Scalloped flames over an old rustied paint job. It was a rush project as the whole family was in on it but we all still feel that for an hours work, it turned out just fine!!! Thanks Lynn!
After the brushes and the kids were cleared of any paint, we mounted it.

Then, after the 2" extended Fastlane Machine aluminum chassis and braces came, I mounted them up to the body...with the ill-fated body being drilled, and redrilled. The front two holes are from my attempted at running an antenna through from the reciever underneath. Later I purchased a cheap Ofna antenna holder and mounted it correctly. Bad thing about FLM parts, even worse for hindsight -

Cross over hobbies create new offers from GHDD

GHDD has been working with a partner east of us and now offer custom RC car graphics for masking off your unpainted bodies. From "your logo here" type applications to some of our own artwork. These RC car body paint masks are easier to use then those other kinds for many reasons. One, these come off easier so you can even layer them up for real creative body work. Two, the abilty to create your own designs from your artwork or working with us to create something you have in mind keeps things original.