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Thursday, January 8, 2009

Bamboo and a zoo or two...

I have been designing art decks for some AZA commited zoos recently. These decks show reptiles and amphibians that these zoos currently house. The deck art is designed with three colors and used to help create a branding platform that is cross-marketable to the visitors of these zoos as well any skaters that enjoy herpetoculture. We are using bamboo decks...even though the decks are made i have to say it? ...prc...there I said it. The decks are made over seas but to that the are more green in respects to the materials used and also more affordable for the zoos to buy. I'll add some photos of the deck shortly. I am also working with animals that are ready available in the captive pet trade like leopard geckos, ball pythons and so forth. Check back later and see if your favorite creepy-crawl is posted. Procedes from these decks that we sell directly, about 20.00 USD will be donated to a specific organization with the proper non-profit records on file, for use as they need it. I will be focusing on reptiles from Madagascar, Costa Rica, Tanzania just to name a few. Put a clock in these for your den!!!