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Thursday, January 8, 2009

We Enteried the Traxxas Stampede Body Contest!

Lynn drew up the images while I created the trucks logo image. The theme for this old 1950's Chevy is clear. Old barnyard landsacpers truck with a modern touch. Scalloped flames over an old rustied paint job. It was a rush project as the whole family was in on it but we all still feel that for an hours work, it turned out just fine!!! Thanks Lynn!
After the brushes and the kids were cleared of any paint, we mounted it.

Then, after the 2" extended Fastlane Machine aluminum chassis and braces came, I mounted them up to the body...with the ill-fated body being drilled, and redrilled. The front two holes are from my attempted at running an antenna through from the reciever underneath. Later I purchased a cheap Ofna antenna holder and mounted it correctly. Bad thing about FLM parts, even worse for hindsight -