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Friday, September 4, 2009

Thanks Rocco!!!

Put on a show at a local park to show the new chassis's and such. Passed out both TGN and GHDD stickers and had a drawing for one of the Haug chassis's. Had a good turn out but the camera wasn't with me...some how it's been slimmed with ice cream...

Thanks to Rocco for helping me feed everyone!

Thanks to everyone that showed up and helped - I think it was a blast! ...And yeah, I guess to some...GoNads is a funny word...Thanks to Mark and TGN for being our dealer!!!!

I do plan to meet up with some folks again and I'll bring the traxxas trucks too so there's more toys for everyone to enjoy. That reminds me...Can't forget to mention RacersEdgeMachine for their hard work and support - their Traxxas upgrades are second to none!!

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Rider down...

Just learned today and a locl GHDD team driver took it upon him self to ride his bike 45mph...into the door of a car. He says that yeah, doing that sort of thing does dent doors but it's not worth finding out...

It could have been worse. Just a broken tail bone and compressed, keep his recovery in at least one prayer before bedtime...or lunch...when ever...dig? Thanks.

Get Better Soon Tyler!!!