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Friday, August 7, 2009

time off

it's been a few plus a couple more weeks but the whole family has been together and we've been busy. From my pulling washing machines in santa cruz...being smashed by a big wave and getting mixed up with the rocks at the bottom sucks! camping, skeeter bites, dog snacks and a new chassis, skating, family above all, i've been too busy to keep up on the facebook and blog. oops.

Not much is new except that I think the gals are here to stay, the new chassis is awesome, and found that the Napa Home depot has some really good ledges to skate. That plus cooking great food, laughing and being together - our summers been awesomely fun and chill. Now it's almost over so back to work as they say. I'll get some things up about the chassis and the decks later.

Again, way to go Taylor of Corpus Christi by way of the Rockies...You Did It!!!