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Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Hobby Town Crawler Series

This one sucked! I entered with a broken drive shaft and know it could snap at any moment, I babied the truck. failed the wire bridge which i haven't done in months. Normally I get on, full throttle up and out but this time, maybe cuz i didn't eat my cream of wheat for breakfast, i got hung so I bailed it, and went up the hill. no sweat. easy course really but knowing my rig could break, i went a little gingerly and bombed.

I started losing hope when I got to the two spires. I tried to get the progress point in reverse but after a couple tries, drove off, entered the course again and with some baby steps to try and not snap the drive shaft, nailed it. then flipped again. my issue was I didn't want to use wheel "english" to get through, and finally snapped it just at the last gate. I'm still in 3rd for the series but this run just sucked. Never go to a comp with a broken truck. lesson learned. here's the vid.

Ground Haug Chassis