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Friday, January 16, 2009

Skate Trip This Weekend!!!

The plan is to hit as many bigger parks, at least with bowls, on the way to Santa Cruz. Leaving today for Berkeley, I'll be staying with some friends to hit their park in the early morning before it gets crowded. After lunch, hitting the park in San Francisco and staying with some buddies there for the night. And of course eating dinner the the irish pub off california. Who doens't like shepard pie?

Heading to San Jose and skating the largest park I've ever seen. It's a pay-to-skate park but worth it! It's huge! Planning to head into Scotts Valley for the night with some friends and ride their park, then on Monday, haugin' some ground in Santa Cruz. Eating some clam chowder on the warf (the best one is a little shack that puts dill in it!!), Yum!

Tuesday will be a sales drive back up hittin' up shops and stops for promoting the pin-up decks. I've got three of our decks wrapped up and order forms ready. Cash on the barrel for decks under 5, but I'm doing net 20 for orders on boards too so if you plan to order when I'm there, remind about this.

Taking Sacrifce skateboards with me too, gotta support those guys!! Great team! Awesome owners! You gotta Sacrifice something every now and then. Sacrifce has the first issue of their 'zine coming out shortly. If you're not on their list to get one, and want a copy, let me know.

If anyone wants to make the trip with me, I've got two seat empty. The only prerequisite is you either bring a camera or buy me dinner. I want good pics for Rene and CD's site. I've got a few extra decks incase yours sucks! LMK

If you want to scout the parks out first before hand visit CD's site. BYO$!!!